Divemaster Internship Program

Dockside Dive Center is now offering an amazing internship opportunity for certified scuba divers interested in becoming Divemasters. Come visit CoCo View Resort on beautiful Roatan island in the Western Caribbean, become a Divemaster as you work alongside dive professionals at a premier dive resort.

Cost: please see our Logistics Page for pricing and additional expenses
Duration: 4 weeks

Why Should I Become an Intern?

  • If you've ever wondered what it would be like to live and work as a scuba dive professional on a tropical island in the Caribbean, a Dockside divemaster internship is a great way to find out!
  • If you want to scuba dive every day, it's easy - CoCo View has 2 walls and a wreck just offshore!
  • If you'd like to be introduced to scuba enthusiasts from around the world and hear about all their diving adventures, come join us for a month! You are guaranteed to leave Roatan with a long list of 'must-do scuba adventures' in addition to your PADI Divemaster certification and the invaluable experience you will gain from your internship.
  • If you want to become a better, more confident diver and help others to do the same, one of Dockside's divemaster internships is the perfect opportunity!
  • What are you waiting for? Complete the divemaster internship application today or learn more about the scuba internship program.

What should I expect to gain from my internship experience?

Excellent hands-on training with the opportunity to learn every aspect of dive center operations and the ins and outs of a professional divemaster career at one of the finest scuba-centric resorts in the Caribbean – CoCo View. Hone your diving skills to a pro level, and have fun for a month in the Western Caribbean on the beautiful island of Roatan as you complete the PADI Divemaster course and internship with Dockside Dive Center. At the end of your internship, assuming you complete all the requirements of the course, you will be a fully certified PADI Divemaster.

What will be expected of me?

This is not just a month at the beach. When you commit to a divemaster internship, you will be working, sometimes working hard, in the scuba industry. Interns are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner and help out in any way they can throughout the internship. Any conduct that is unacceptable or unprofessional could result in expulsion from the program.

In addition to the Internship, you will be expected to successfully complete all requirements for the PADI Divemaster course.

What sort of work will I do during my divemaster internship?

  • Work in the retail shop at Dockside Dive Center, helping customers, stocking shelves, renting out and maintaining scuba dive equipment, and scheduling courses.
  • Work on the dock with the CoCo View divemasters, learning about filling tanks, taking care of diver equipment and special needs, keeping the boats, rinse tanks and locker areas clean and safe and a hundred other divemaster responsibilities.
  • Work on the boat, helping certified scuba divers prepare for a dive, assisting them on and off the boat, handling minor gear issues and questions, and chatting about all the cool stuff you saw on the dive. Divemaster interns take the initiative to observe the divers on the boat, paying special attention to those who appear nervous or have difficulty with their gear. As an intern, you will be expected to help when possible, or alert a divemaster if you observe a potentially dangerous situation or particularly nervous scuba diver.
  • Work with the Dockside instructors, assisting as they teach courses and get new divers excited about the underwater world.
  • Still not convinced? Read about a typical divemaster intern day or find out what it means to be a divemaster.

How do I sign up? Complete our online divemaster internship application today!