Internship - Frequently Asked Questions

How often will I get to dive?
During the divemaster course, interns dive almost every day in the Western Caribbean around Roatan. Once the course is completed, you can make multiple dives every day if you choose. See our Logistics Page for pricing details.

What is the diving like on Roatan?
Dockside Dive Center and CoCo View Resort are located on the South shore of Roatan. Our central location offers dramatic walls (2 available as shore dives) and steep drop-offs. Within a 20-minute boat ride, during your divemaster internship you have access to about 30 different dive sites with swim-throughs, walls, wrecks and amazing sea life - many are within 5 minutes of the resort. The wreck of the Prince Albert is right in our front yard. Roatan has an amazing variety of sea life - one of the most diverse anywhere in the Caribbean.

Will I become a better diver?
The Divemaster course and internship are all about learning to be a better, more skilled scuba diver. To pass the course, you must be competent at a professional level in a variety of dive-related skills, so you will find yourself practicing all the time - practicing your buoyancy control, practicing your relaxed breathing, and yes, even practicing mask removal and replacement! At Dockside, you have access to dive professionals who have years of experience and are happy to assist. As you gain confidence in yourself and your abilities during your internship, you will sense a change - where, when in a group of divers, you are better prepared, much more comfortable, and able to assist others with their equipment issues and questions; you begin to be the solution to the problems of others.

What Level Diver Do I Have To Be To Take The Internship?
To begin the PADI Divemaster course, and the internship, you must be certifed as a Rescue Diver. If you have not yet achieved that level, you can always take the prerequisite courses you need with Dockside prior to beginning the internship - simply allow a bit more time for your stay. Or, you can opt to take the prerequisite courses locally before coming down to Roatan. See our PADI Courses page for additional information about the necessary courses and pricing.

What kind of work will I be doing?
Every divemaster candidate's experience is just a little bit different, because working in a dive operation is never dull. You will work with the Dockside instructors, the CoCo View divemasters, and the guests as you go through your internship, learning all facets of what they do on a daily basis. You may be asked to help clean up a boat after a dive, or to assist with a dive course. You may be asked (if properly insured) to help lead a dive, or to outfit divers in the appropriately sized rental gear. Working behind the retail counter at Dockside is a possibility, as is helping the divemasters prepare a boat; getting the scuba gear of the divers together and ready for the dive, making sure the proper safety equipment is in place, and generally making sure every detail is handled correctly to ensure a smooth-running, fun dive experience for the guests! Whatever your specific tasks are on a daily basis, you will learn what it is like to live and work on a tropical Caribbean island, every day of your internship being exposed to scuba divers who have been around the world and can share their experience and their knowledge with you!

What kind of sea creatures will I see?
Roatan offers some of the best diversity of sea life in the entire Caribbean. From the tiniest anemone shrimp to the largest whale shark, our interns have the opportunity to see it all! Spotted eagle rays cruise just offshore, seahorses are common guests on the Prince Albert and several nearby dive sites (CoCo View divemasters are experts at finding these, and you can learn to spot them too), and divemaster interns will become friends with the barracuda and eels and groupers and cleaning shrimp who live just offshore. At various times during the year, whale shark sightings are not uncommon, and if you are very lucky, your internship may coincide with a visit from a passing pod of pilot whales or killer whales. The diversity of soft corals and sponges on the south shore transform the underwater landscape into a colorful paradise.

What is Roatan like?
Situated off the coast of mainland Honduras, Roatan is the largest of the islands known as the Bay Islands. It has a rich history that includes Paya Indians (remnants of their culture and civilization can still be found on the island) pirates and more recently, tourists from around the world. Local stories tell of pirate treasure still buried on the more remote eastern end of the island. Today, Roatan offers all the amenities of a tourist destination, including restaurants, nightlife and shopping, especially on the West End of the island. The scuba diving is some of the best in the Caribbean. Covered with lush tropical hills, flying into Roatan truly gives one the impression of landing in paradise. When not hard at work, our divemaster interns can explore the island and find out for themselves what Roatan is all about.

What do divemaster interns do for fun?
Dive, dive, dive! Make friends with the staff and the guests at CoCo View and get to know your fellow scuba divers. Roatan's dive community hosts periodic socials where you can meet other dive professionals and interns in a more relaxed, fun setting. And, the island is yours to explore. From the isolated East End to the bustling West End, there are plenty of things to see and lots of people to meet. Check out the Iguana Farm, go shark diving, swim with dolphins, take a submarine ride, go swinging through the trees on one of Roatan's canopy tours, hang out on the beach in West Bay, or enjoy an evening cocktail for sunset in West End. If you're interested in reef conservation, get involved with the local Roatan Marine Park projects.

What kind of housing will I be staying in?
Divemaster interns stay in the staff quarters at CoCo View Resort, including AC.

Are there laundry facilities? 
Yes, on site washer and dryer at the house where the divemaster interns stay (interns must provide their own detergent)
How far is the house from the dive center?
Just a few steps away..

How many interns will there be?
Depends on reservations – usually 2 per month

Do I need a Visa to be in Honduras for a month?
Yes. You will be issued a 90 day Honduran visa (stamped in your passport) upon arrival. Please be sure that your passport expiration date is at least six months after your arrival.

Is there a store nearby?
Yes, a well stocked grocery store is only 5 minutes away.

Will I have access to internet?
Yes, when it’s working!

What should I bring?
Any specialty foods that you like. Any medications you must have.

Do I need a laptap?
We strongly recommend you bring your own computer since access to another computer during your internship could be very difficult.

Will I have access to a phone? 
We recommend using Skype.

What expenses should I expect to have during the divemaster internship?
Anywhere from $500 - $1000 depending on how much eating out you do.
Expenses to expect are:
   - Basic supplies for house (i.e. toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, purified water)         
   - Food & beverages
   - Gas for boat (skiff is provided, fuel is not)