"I am just home from doing my divemaster internship with Dockside Dive Center (July 2022) and I highly recommend this program to anyone interested (in any certification - but, specifically the divemaster program). I came to CoCo View having never been before. But, someone on a live aboard I was on recommended the resort so much that when I got home, I researched it. Doing so, I saw they had the dive master internship and tucked that information in my brain. A year later, having researched many programs, I contacted Patty Grier about the internship program. She was amazing from the getgo. She was incredibly kind, responsive and patient - but, before I knew it - I was signed up. And - what a program it is! I liked this program over others because it’s small - there were only two of us. Our instructor, James, worked closely with us to make sure that not only were we able to do skills, but that we could do them with "demonstration quality." Within the first two weeks, we had completed all the skills, and had practiced teaching classes (with "challenging" guests). It was hard - but, fully worth it. I can honestly say that I feel like a better and more competent diver because of all the one-on-one attention I had. The last two weeks are spent on the boats. This is also hard work, but there is much to learn from all of the amazing dive teams! They are patient and generous (and hilarious - which also helps). Don’t get me wrong though - this is not a program where you sit around and people hand you mai tais. This is work! But - I can honestly say this is the only time in my life when I’ve consistently been up at 5 a.m. - and I loved ever minute of it! Patty Grier is a force to be reckoned with. She runs a tight ship (pun intended). But - her kind, generous nature permeates the entire team. I LOVE this place - and will definitely be back. If you’re interested in the divemaster internship - I would definitely recommend it to you! There is a reason that people keep coming back here! I hope there is always room for me though (so, don’t spread the word too much). :). Thank you to Patty, James and the entire Dockside Dive Center Team! I will be forever grateful for this experience!"

Jenifer Foster
Washington, DC

"Jan 4th, 2020: I Just wrapped up a very challenging and rewarding Dive Master Internship with the Dockside Dive Center at Coco View resort. Although I knew there were many places/options to pursue this PADI certification, none of them even compared to the program Patty and her staff provided. Not only do you gain your dive master certification, you get the opportunity to actually work on a dive boat and see how the operations all fit together. Hands on the entire time. Trust me, it’s not easy either, but very rewarding! I had the time of my life and would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone that wants to be a dive master. Hands down, best course I’ve taken and definitely best place to do it!!! Thanks Patty and Aubry for everything you did for me!"


"I completed my PADI Divemaster internship through Dockside Dive Center in May 2018, and I can’t say enough about the outstanding training and I experiences I had during my stay. I researched several internships over the better part of a year, and eventually chose Patty Grier and her team to fulfill a lifelong goal. I could not have made a better decision...Patty is an exceptional dive mentor who combines 31 years of experience as an instructor, dive EMT, equipment repair technician, and dive shop owner into one complete package. Don’t let her infinite patience and sense of humor fool you, though. She’s tough and has high standards, but I promise you will be a more knowledgeable, skilled, and safer diver after she’s done with you :) And you’ll have a great time doing it! And of course, there’s no place like Coco View Resort to do your training. The food, lodging, facilities, boats, divemasters, staff, etc. etc. are all world class. Thanks to all who helped me throughout my training, and I look forward to visiting again soon!"

Kurt Konopatzke
Tegucigalpa, Honduras

"I recently completed my PADI Divemaster certification by the training provided by the Dockside Dive Center and CocoView Resort staff. The instruction was thorough, supportive, and challenging. The pros on the boats were demanding yet kindly, impressing upon me the trust that divers put in their divemasters. I especially appreciated living on the resort, and collaborating with all resort staff about the operation of it. It was learn-dive-eat-sleep for four packed weeks. It gave me the chance to work more directly with guest divers than if I was not based on the resort. Many thanks to Patty, Joe, Kirk, David, Marcos, Jorge, and Eddy for their counsel and patience."

Garry Slobodian
Salem, Oregon

"As a newly completed Divemaster Intern from Dockside Dive Center by Instructor Patty Grier, I can say that my experience with the course provided there was no less than excellent. The schedule, accommodations, level of knowledge as well as the application taught through out the program was fantastic. Being an 26 year Public Safety Diver, the knowledge and experience far exceeded my initial overall expectations. It was fun, challenging, educational, and sometimes a bit tiring. But as they say.... If it was easy, everybody would be doing it! The knowledge and training received there will only make me a better diver. I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in becoming a Divemaster - as well as the many other courses taught there. Thank you Patty, Doug, Joe, Aubry who make up the staff of this well oiled machine. And additional thanks to the wonderful staff at CoCoView Resort for providing a most pleasant tropical paradise and atmosphere accommodating guests from all around the world."

Peter Ressa

"I just completed my Dive Master Internship at Dockside Dive Center and could not recommend it more highly. Like you are probably doing right now, I spent a significant amount of time and energy researching internships all over the world. I finally selected Dockside because of the obvious professionalism of the internship program as well as the integration of the program into the broader resort. I was personally looking for a program that offered real education coupled with real-life experience. The Dockside internship offers both, seamlessly blending PADI class-room and open water training with an opportunity to work directly with certified divers on numerous boat and shore dives. Patty is an excellent instructor, exceptionally knowledgeable, yet fun and approachable. I also gained invaluable experience working side by side with the full-time Dive Masters of Coco View, working directly with guests and helping to guide dives. As a Dockside intern, you will have access to an incredible dive resort with comfortable rooms, great food and, of course, world class diving. So many internships that I considered stick you off in some intern house well away from the resort. Dockside puts you right among the guests, allowing you to continue to develop relationships over meals, happy hour and fun with the same divers you help during the day. After four weeks, I came away with a contact list full of divers from all over the world that I now consider to be friends. As you have probably seen already, Coco View is a very well run resort which boasts thousands of repeat guests. As a Dockside intern, you will stay in the same accommodations as the guests and you will eat alongside the guests in the same dining room. You will also get an invaluable behind-the-scenes and hands-on look at what it takes to run this successful dive resort. If you are looking for a party environment and snorkel shots, go somewhere else (although you can always find a party nearby!). The Dockside internship is a serious professional program that will help to reach your Scuba diving goals."

Eric S

"I can highly recommend the CoCo View divemaster internship. Patty, the main instructor, has a wealth of experience. She is funny and approachable and wants you to succeed. The divemasters and boat captains are also highly experienced, very much client centered and willing to include you as long as you work. CoCo View resort has a beautiful location with excellent diving right in the front yard, including unlimited night diving. The food and accomodations for divemaster interns are guest quality. Access to the rest of Roatan is possible but limited so this internship is best for someone happy staying at the resort."

Karen Selin

"We just completed our DM internship with Patty. Wow, what an awesome experience. Patty is very patient, and a wealth of knowledge. This program is super streamlined, which allowed us to spend most of our time either diving, learning, or learning some more. CoCoView was an awesome location for us to have gone through this training. The ability to just dive out of the front yard with multiple walls and a ship was fantastic. Mitch & Deb (and all the staff) are great. The food is fabulous. We can’t say enough about how positive our experience was. We would highly recommend this DM internship to anyone wishing to learn the in’s and out’s. If you are just looking to do some additional training/certifications Patty can of course accommodate that as well. If you just want to dive, than we would definitely recommend CoCoView."

Davis & Heather

"My wife Jay and I just completed our 10th dive trip to Roatan and between us we have made about 500 dives there. We took our Advanced Open Water courses at Dockside, we attended Patty’s excellent "weight loss" buoyancy control clinic (free, by the way!). Patty conducts the clinic at CoCo View Resort and we attended several times until after continuous improvement we got our weights down by 50% of what they were when we started diving. I took the Equipment Specialist course at Dockside and it was not just a "lick and a promise" with pretty pictures and no substance... it was a hands-on, in-depth, technical course that really satisfied my engineering mind and interest in knowing my gear in detail. We dismantled and overhauled regulator first and second stages, BCDs and inflators, tanks, tank valves, gauges, and various other pieces of gear. On the trip we just completed, our bags were delayed in arriving by almost two days but Dockside was ready and waiting with very good rental equipment that fit us well, functioned perfectly, and was clean and rugged. Patty’s goal is for all customers and guests to have a safe, enjoyable, stress-free, and well-equipped dive trip and to protect the reef and creatures by providing the buoyancy control workshop, the divemaster internship, and the many PADI courses that are offered. Professionals and sport divers alike will find parts, service, accessories, and careful attention at Dockside, but more than that they will find Patty Grier and her staff, and they make Dockside what it is. We’re already planning our next 10 dive trips back to CoCo View!"

Oscar Zuniga
Medford, Oregon

"I’ve just completed my divemaster internship at Dockside Dive Center and can honestly say that it has been one of the hardest and most rewarding experiences of my life. Having completed my open water check out dives, advanced open water and nitrox classes at Dockside, I had become accustomed to the superior instruction Dockside provides. One rescue class at another shop made me realize how far superior Dockside’s instruction is and that there was no way I would do my divemaster with anyone other than Patty Grier and her staff. The DM internship is a working internship and as Patty stresses-it is NOT a vacation. The purpose is to show candidates the true experience of being a DM, not just providing them the course curriculum. The first two weeks of the internship focus on completion of the course curriculum, with the last two weeks moving on to working on the boats with clients and becoming a DM in a practical application. A typical day pans out like this: Interns are expected to be on the docks no later than 7 am (and if your boat captain or DM gets in a 6, so do you!) to help the DMs and captains loading boats, cleaning tanks and performing other duties. The DMs and captains are wonderfully supportive and provide guidance on the best way to load boats, how to adapt to client needs and how to become a divemaster, not just someone who leads dives or sits on the boat. Once the boat is loaded up and the gear room is clean, it’s time for a quick breakfast and then off to the classroom. Once the book portion of the class is complete, it’s time to hit the water to practice skills and learn how to perform them “demonstration quality” in order to be able to train other divers. A quick lunch and then it’s back in the water for more practice, rescue practice or even the dreaded waterskills! (Waterskills aren’t really that bad, but it will be the longest 400 yard swim of your life without fins!). In the first week, plan on doing homework every evening, but after that, evenings are generally free. Don’t think you’ll be up until the wee hours though. By the end of the first week, physical exhaustion will kick in and staying up until 9 seems like a late night. You work hard during this internship and Patty is a tough instructor. There is a reason for this: as a DM you are responsible for making sure your divers not only have fun, but are safe. You must understand the seriousness of your position-people’s lives are literally in your hands. A lapse in judgment can have serious consequences, and it is vital that your knowledge and skills be up to par. Compliments are earned and when you get one, you will beam like a little kid. You will come out of the internship understanding what it means to be a divemaster and what to expect if you choose to continue in the professional ranks of PADI. I can’t say enough about Dockside and the instructor staff there. You simply cannot get a better diving education anywhere else. One more note: Steiner in the dive shop is awesome and will fix any equipment issues you have. He is happy to provide pointers on equipment repair as well. Steiner pretty much rocks!"

Baltimore, MD

"Just finished my Divemaster internship at CocoView with Dockside and would definitely recommend Dockside to anyone looking for PADI instruction. If you are considering a DM internship there are a lot of decision points you should think about. I picked Dockside based Patty Grier’s willingness to work around my schedule (5 fixed weeks and an Open Water to DM objective) and a neighbor’s recommendation. Now that I’m older and wiser, I know what questions I should have asked as this could have been a very different experience.

1. What is the DM intern to instructor ratio? There are two top notch instructors at Dockside (Patty and Alejandra) and they were super flexible about letting me work at my own pace. Beyond being extremely capable, I found both Patty and Alejandra to be very likable and lots of fun to work with.

2. Where will you be staying? With Dockside most interns stay in the staff housing and that’s a private room and bath on par with the guest rooms.

3. Why is location so important? Staying at CoCoView means no traveling unless you want to leave the resort. You can dive whenever you have free time - grab a tank and practice those skills or do a fun dive in the Front Yard. As far as I know, CoCoView has the best shore diving on Roatan.

4. Hand in hand with where will you be staying; what will you be eating? At CoCoView the DM interns eat with the guests. Given the low price of the internship, I had pictured really sparse accommodations with rice and beans every day and was really surprised to have the same meals as the guests.

5. Last, but not least, what opportunities will you have to learn from other DMs? CoCoView typically sends out four dive boats, twice a day, and this gives you the opportunity to observe and learn from different, experienced, DMs.

If you’re serious about a DM internship, think about what kind of experience you want to have. For me, it was all about learning, improving my dive skills, and just having fun. Other than the work involved in meeting the DM requirements and pulling your weight on the boats, life is pretty easy here. No wasted time traveling to/from the resort; even laundry is a breeze and if you don’t mind parting with a few bucks. The staff at CoCoView is incredibly friendly and you’ll get to know a lot of great people in no time at all. The one thing I will caution you about is to really think about what you want to get out of your DM internship - CoCoView caters to an adult crowd and if you’re looking for a party instead of an education, you might be happier in the West End. I wanted to walk away knowing what it was like to work at a dive resort and after 80+ dives and 3 weeks working on the boats, I know I don’t have the real picture, but I think I’m as close as you’re going to get with an internship."

Mountain View, CA

"My husband’s and my first dive trip after becoming Open Water certified was to CoCoView. Well we learned really quick that we were not sufficiently prepared for diving in the ocean! We had attended the buoancy clinic on site put on by Patty and learned so much from that session and were so impressed with Patty that we asked her afterwards if we could hire her to be our "dive coach". Thankfully for us she was available. She coached us through 2 dives and got us up to speed in short order. It is not an exaggeration to say that not only did Patty save our vacation but she kept us in diving! Until we worked with her we were conviced we were failures. After working with Patty we had excellent dive experiences the rest of the trip; we went back the following year and again had only great dive experiences. Patty, you’re awesome and you have a top-notch dive operation at CoCoView. Can’t wait to visit again - hopefully very soon!"

Kimberly & Michael Patton

"I completed a 5-week Divemaster Internship beginning in July 2012 with Dockside Dive Center at CoCo View. It was an amazing experience where I had the opportunity to work with equally amazing people. Patty and her staff are a model of professionalism and passion. Each opportunity to dive was another opportunity to learn. If you have a desire to become a better diver and grow as a professional, this internship opportunity is one of a kind. Patty and her staff introduce you to every aspect of the dive operation and partner you with incredible divemasters and crews who model professional conduct and customer service. If you have a strong work ethic and a desire to learn, the opportunities afforded to you are endless. The staff at CoCo View is a family that welcomes you and provides you a comfort away from home. Thanks for the incredible experience and opportunity!"

Marc Moran
Richmond, VA

"I made my first trip to CoCo View in March of 2012, and let me tll you it is well worth it, staff was great, food was wonderful, and Miss Patty at the dive shop was also one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. I can’t wait to go back, it was without a doubt the best vacation my wife and I have ever been on, truly a laid back place with a wonderful staff. Thanks to all of the Staff, hope to see you all next year."

neil moreau

"I’m about to make my tenth trip to CoCo View. In 56 years of diving, this is the best all-around dive package I’ve ever found. The resort facilities are excellent, the diving is top-notch, the staff are friendly and reliable and you can just kick back and relax. Except for meals, you have absolutely NO SCHEDULES to meet!! Do what you want, when you want. Dockside Dive Center perpetuates this fine tradition and blends seamlessly with the resort. They are capable and very willing to "Go the extra mile" to make sure your visit is filled with pleasant memories. And...no this IS NOT a paid testimonial!!"

Mike Giles
Louisiana, USA

"Patty and the Dockside Dive Center Staff have everything you need for a wonderful dive vacation: *Staff members who greet you by name *Well-maintained rental gear *A Repair Shop that gets you to the boat on time *Expert dive instruction *Friendly advice and technical support *Fish, Creature, and Coral References *A well-stocked dive essentials and gift shop *Camera and photo instruction from Tim Blanton that will change your photos from marginal to marvelous."

Vivian Weber-Pagel
Wisconsin, USA

"I am still Learning!!!! I took the Underwater Naturalist course five years ago and I am still discovering new things all the time! The course helped with other things besides just fish identification. Not only did I see more but I understood more about what I was looking at. It was one of the best classes I have ever taken!!!"

Nebraska USA

"I have made 22 trips to CoCo View and Dockside Dive Center is a very important part of each trip. I have rented equipment, bought gear and had emergecy repairs to my gear. Everything was was done quickly to keep you in the water diving. I also know the courses are all first class."

Randy Elliott
Tulsa, OK