Divemaster Internship Program
Logistics, Pricing and Details...

Internship Cost: $1,995

What is included?
Tuition for Divemaster training and certification, work-study program, housing, 3 meals daily at CoCo View Resort on the island of Roatan, Western Caribbean. Read this section carefully when comparing other Divemaster internships - most don't include housing, meals, and excellent shore diving.

Duration: 4 Weeks

Prerequisites: See PADI Divemaster Course Prerequisites

Materials: Approximately $350, PADI fee $95

Deposit: $200 deposit required to secure a spot in the scuba divemaster internship program.

Divemaster interns have a private, air conditioned, room and bath in the CoCo View Resort staff housing, just steps away from Dockside Dive Center, where they will work while completing their divemaster course requirements and internship program.

The Divemaster internship includes the CoCo View meal plan.

Liability insurance:
Liability insurance is required in order to lead dives at CoCo View. Divemaster interns do not have to lead dives if they don’t wish to purchase the insurance. To purchase insurance please go to: www.diveinsurance.com for additional information.

If you prefer to dive with Nitrox, tanks are available but NOT included in the internship. Cost is $8 per tank.

Associated Courses:
If you are not currently a Rescue Diver and need additional courses before you are eligible to begin the internship, you may stay in the Divemaster Intern lodging for an additional $100/week. This DOES NOT include the cost of meals or the necessary courses. For the price of courses, see our course information page.

Additional living expenses:
- Any needed cleaning supplies for staff quarters
- Maid service if requested
- Offsite food or entertainment is not included in the cost of the internship program
- $5 per load of laundry

Divemaster Internships are available when space is available. Fill out a divemaster internship application today to secure your preferred dates.